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2005/2006 Competition Awards

Best of Show and Distinguished Award Winner

One-Tonne Challenge Employee Awareness Kit
Contributors: Kari Lynn-Philipp, Denise Eisner, and Steve Palmer
Natural Resources Canada

Best of Show winners Steve Palmer, Kari Lynn-Philipp, and Denise Eisner accept their award

Excellence Award Winners

Corel Paint Shop Pro X Reviewer's Guide
Contributors: Corel Documentation Team
Corel Corporation

Stela Kostova accepts an Award of Excellence on behalf of the Corel Documentation Team

Installer Console Interactive Help Panel
Contributors: Leslie Bayford and Lisa Galley
March Networks

Corel Paint Shop Pro X Learning Center palette
Contributors: Doug Meisner, Allison Pankratz, and Donovan Isdahl
Corel Corporation

Merit Award Winners

Quickstart Guide: 10 Steps to Your First QNX Program
Contributors: Malte Mundt, Steve Reid, and Ian Torrey
QNX Software Systems

The Better Built Bondage Book
Contributors: Douglas Kent
Mental Gears Publishing

Autodesk Civil 3D Getting Started Guide
Contributors: Autodesk Civil Technical Publications Team
Autodesk, Inc.

WordPerfect Office - Small Business Edition User Guide
Contributors: Vanessa Gorham, Carmen Humplik, and Jody Johnstone
Corel Corporation

Jody Johnstone accepts an Award of Merit for herself and her co-authors Vanessa Gorham and Carmen Humplik

Corel Painter Essentials 3 Reviewer's Guide
Contributors: Corel Documentation Team
Corel Corporation

Hummingbird Enterprise™ IM User's Help
Contributors: Jeff Saunders and Jonathan Piasecki
Hummingbird Ottawa Documentation Group
Hummingbird Ltd.

Tara Bourbeau accepts an Award of Merit on behalf of the Hummingbird Ottawa Documentation Group

R5 Administrator Console User Manual
Contributors: Lisa Galley and Leslie Bayford
March Networks

Algonquin College Scholarship Winners

Madeleine Camm and Allan Ball.

MC Rick Lorenz with scholarship winners Madeleine Camm and Allan Ball

Thanks to our Judges!

Ken Kicksee - Competition Manager
  • Leslie Bayford
  • Barbara Boire
  • Susan Brown
  • Julie Chartrand
  • Lynda Courtemanche
  • Josh Dixon
  • Lisa Galley
  • Barbara Long
  • Kitty MacAlpine
  • Kevin McGowan
  • Mimi Richard-Golding
  • Ann Salembier
  • Kate Twiss
  • Peggy Vice

Other Photos

Saul Carliner delivers his keynote address.
Saul Carliner Saul Carliner Saul Carliner
Additional photos can be found on the photographer's Web site (thanks, Dominic!).


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