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2003/2004 Competition Awards

STCEO held the Award Ceremony on Wednesday, March 24 at the Centurion Conference Center on Colonnade Road.  The event featured John Robson as guest speaker, who discussed "Talking Techie to Journalists".  The winning entries from the competition were on display. We will be mailing photos to the submitters, and the photographer (Steph Willems, will handle requests for reprints and enlargements.

View all photos here

Thanks go to the following:

  • Harley Rubisch, competition manager in 2003.
  • Sally Noonan, entries manager.
  • Peggy Miller, judging manager.
  • All the judges: Dave Drinnan, Keith Allingham, Ron Ferguson, Corrina Birnbaum, Gordon Doubleday, Stela Kostova, Krista Quinn, Drew Avis, Chris Hallgren, Theresa St. Denis, Theresia Winkler, K. Twiss, Amberlee O'Connor, Ann Salembier, Fred Brown, Susan Brown, Josh Dixon, Christopher Seal.

Best of Show Winner

The Forests of Canada by Natural Resources Canada won the Best of Show award. Contributors were Ken Farr, Sandra Bernier, and Denis Rochon. This entry went on to win Best of Show at the International Technical Publications Competition!

Online Winners

The online competition had 12 entries and the following winners:


  • Cognos ReportNet - Ad Hoc Querying CBT by Cognos.
    Contributors were Peggy Miller, Jeanne Sangster, and Gord Doubleday.
    See photo


  • OASRep On-Line Help by Macrotel Inc.
    Contributors were Christel Kurz and Geneva Holloway.
    See photo
  • Swissair Flight 111 Investigation Report by NIVA Inc.
    Contributors were John Thurston, Ewa Orankiewicz, and the NIVA Inc. Production and Quality Assurance Teams.
  • Bell Nexxia Telecommunications Services Officer Introductory Training by eLearning Factory.
    Contributors were Edgar Hernandez, Morag Cavers, and Paul Totti.
    See photo


  • Alcatel 7470 Multiservice Platform, Release 6.0 by Alcatel Canada.
    Contributors were Alcatel Canada Technical Communications.
    See photo
  • Cognos Metrics Manager 2.0 Overview and Exploration by Cognos.
    Contributors were Kim Beahen and Debbie Horsfall.
    See photo
  • Cognos BC Assessment CBT by Cognos.
    Contributors were Sarah Sedgman, Greg Shanks, and Alan Brakefield.
    See photo

Print Winners

The print competition had 12 entries and the following winners:


  • The Forests of Canada by Natural Resources Canada.
    Contributors were Ken Farr, Sandra Bernier, and Denis Rochon.
    See photo


  • Corel WordPerfect Office 11 User Guide by Corel.
    Contributors were Carmen Humplik, Vanessa Gorham, and Nadezda Vladimirova.
    See photo
  • Preparing Illustrations by QNX.
    Contributor was Steve Reid.
    See photo
  • IBM Rational XDE Guide to Team Development by IBM Rational.
    Contributors were Dejan Custic and Elizabeth Augustine.
    See photo


  • Corel Bryce 5 Getting Started by Corel.
    Contributors were Andrea Drajewicz, Catherine Haza, and Ludmila Minkova.
    See photo
  • Corel KnockOut 2 User Guide by Corel.
    Contributors were Carmen Humplik, Ann Marie Paquet, and Evelina Proeva.
    See photo
  • Network Discovery Setup Guide by Kate Twiss Consulting.
    Contributors were Kate Twiss, Kevin McGowan, and Doug Cuff.
    See photo

2003-2004 Competition

Competition Awards Ceremony

Date: March 24, 2004
Time: 6:00 - 10:00 PM
Place: Centurion Conference & Event Center
170 Colonnade Road South, Ottawa Ontario

Cost: Free for all.
Refreshments provided with cash bar.

Please be sure to attend the Competition Awards Ceremony. It's an opportunity to view award winning documentation, to mingle with people from Ottawa's best documentation teams, and to honour this year's winners. The news media will be invited, and a big crowd will improve our profile.

In addition to giving awards from the competition, we will announce the scholarship winner from the Technical Writing program at Algonquin College.

We are excited to announce that our guest speaker is John Robson, columnist and radio commentator. John is concerned about the frequently inadequate level of technical comprehension in the press, and will speak about "Talking Techie to Journalists".

01 Cocktail Hour
02 Cocktail Hour
03 Cocktail Hour
04 Cocktail Hour
05 Cocktail Hour
06 Entries Table
07 Entries Table
08 Cocktail Hour
09 John Robson - Guest Speaker, "Talking Techie to Journalists"
10 John Robson
11 John Robson
12 Rick Lorenz - STCEO president
13 Brian Williamson - Nominations
14 Rick Lorenz
15 Scholarship award winners - Rachel Maloy, Matthew Wells, Darryl Farr in the Technical Writing Program at Algonquin College
16 Scholarship award winners
17 Alcatel
18 Cognos - Kim Beahen
19 Cognos - Sarah Sedgman
20 Macrotel - Christel Kurz
21 Paul Totti
22 Cognos - Peggy Miller
23 Corel
24 Corel - Evelina Proeva
25 Kate Twiss
26 Corel - Vanessa Gorham
27 QNX
28 Dejan Custic
29 Natural Resources Canada
30 NRC
31 NRC
32 NRC
33 Josh Dixon - speaking about judging NRC
34 John Robson - with his copy of The Forests of Canada
35 Cognos
36 Post Awards Show
37 Post Awards Show
38 Post Awards Show
39 Best of Show Crystal
40 Post Awards Show
41 Post Awards Show
42 Post Awards Show
43 Post Awards Show
44 Post Awards Show
45 Post Awards Show
46 Post Awards Show
47 Post Awards Show
48 Post Awards Show
49 Post Awards Show
50 Post Awards Show
51 Waitress

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