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2004/2005 Competition Awards

STCEO held the Award Ceremony on Thursday, March 10 at the Centurion Conference Center on Colonnade Road.  The event featured Louis Beauregard as guest speaker, who discussed "Usability: A Dimension of the Human Habitat". 

Winners - Distinguished and Best of Show

Tanya Pollard
Darryl Swerbrick
Anne Waters

Winners - Excellence

Chris Bridgen, Saul Carliner, Suzanne Dunas-Skinner, Jody Johnstone, Stela Kostova, Kathy Kroeker, Brad Lawless, Nuala Murray, Christy Paddick, Susan Pearce, Martha Ralph, Jerome Ryckborst, Wendy Taylor, Corel Ottawa Documentation Team, EMC Global Education: Legato Technical Education, A-dec Technical Communications Team

Winners - Merit

Rick Blackwell, Suzanne Dunas-Skinner, Berit Erickson, Neil Farquhar, Vanessa Gorham, Catherine Haza, Carmen Humplik, Jody Johnstone, Barbara Jordan, Lori Kerfoot, Ludmila Minkova, Erma Petrova, Mark Rathwell, Gordon Roberts, Jerome Ryckborst, Nadia Vladimirova, Nadezda Vladimirova, Tony Young, Corel Painter Creative Design Team & Program/Product Managers, Cognos Documentation Services, WordPerfect Ottawa Documentation Team

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