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Position Descriptions

Following is a detailed explanation of the Eastern Ontario Chapter Executive positions and some of the goals for each position. Positions that require no previous experience are identified with an asterisk (*).


The community President is responsible for all operations of the community. The President should be enthusiastic, energetic, responsive and good at solving problems and resolving disputes. The President should also be gracious and a good listener. The preferred candidate has experience in human resource and financial management and has a proven aptitude for public speaking. The President has served on other Executive positions.

The President chairs quarterly Executive meetings, assigns duties to other Executive members, makes program suggestions, writes newsletter articles, submits community activity reports to the STC Director-Sponsor, provides advice and support for other Executive members and intervenes or mediates when necessary. Planning for the next Executive year takes place in August, when the President leads the Executive in establishing goals for the upcoming year.


The Vice-President supports the President in administrative duties, maintains a special awareness of all community operations and confers frequently with the President. The Vice-President assumes the duties of the President when the President is unavailable. The preferred candidate has served on other Executive positions and has a good understanding of the community's operations.

The Vice-President represents the community at general meetings, social events and program events, leads special projects, volunteers on committees, and supports and mentors other portfolio managers, when necessary.

The Vice-President is generally expected to stand for the President position the following year.


The Treasurer manages the community budget and bank accounts. The preferred candidate has bookkeeping experience and knowledge of a bookkeeping application.

The Treasurer prepares a budget at the beginning of the community year, maintains a community chequing account, deposits funds and pays invoices promptly, prepares a quarterly report of community income and expenditures and prepares a year-end report for STC International. The Treasurer also works with both the Education and Program Manager s to assist with registrations, deposits and receipts.


The Secretary takes minutes at the quarterly Executive meetings. The preferred candidate can attend all Executive meetings. He/she also distributes minutes to Executive members and other interested parties. At Executive meetings, the Secretary keeps track of action items, motions and votes.

Program Manager

The Program Manager plans, schedules and coordinates general community meetings and special events. This includes arranging the speaker, booking the venue, publicizing the event, collecting the RSVPs, and setting up the room and food . He/she may pre-pay for the venue and food and then be reimbursed by the Treasurer. The preferred candidate has a proven aptitude for public speaking and is well organized.

The Program Manager contacts all potential speakers and secures biographical data, maintains future speaker and topic lists, surveys members for topic preferences, presents evaluation feedback to the Executive, and publishes program information on the website, in monthly membership e-mails and in Stimulus. Some of the general meeting responsibilities include arranging speaker gifts and door prizes, booking meeting rooms and arranging and hosting a pre-meeting dinner.

Working within a budget and providing regular reports to the Executive, the Program Manager also receives and records reservations and any advance payments. The Program Manager works closely with the President, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, and Public Relations Manager. The Education Manager should also receive regular updates to avoiding overlapping seminars with programs.

*Membership Manager

The Membership Manager recruits new members and maintains member information. He/she greets new members at meetings and through email, fields all new members' questions, maintains member contact information jointly with STC International, produces a quarterly membership directory, and contacts non-renewing members and potential new members.

The Membership Manager is also responsible for generating the membership directory from the monthly head-office rosters and forwarding the directory to the Webmaster for posting. Several times each year a PDF version of the directory will also be generated.

The Membership Manager will develop an active recruiting drive for implementation in the late autumn and early winter and will contact non-renewing members and potential new members. The Membership Manager works with the Executive to ensure new members and potential new members feel welcome and have access to the information they need.

Newsletter Editor

The Newsletter Editor produces Stimulus, the community's newsletter. The preferred candidate has some newsletter design and editing experience, as well as a flexible schedule near publication time.

The Newsletter Editor establishes submission deadlines and themes, coordinates articles with contributors, edits and formats content, publishes a PDF version, and continuously collects information from a variety of STC and other sources.

The Newsletter Editor works closely with both the Executive and the Portfolio Managers, collecting reports for publication.

*Newsletter Committee

Committee members assist the Newsletter Editor with reproduction and distribution of the newsletter. Committee members also contribute and edit articles.

Employment Manager

The Employment Manager publicizes employment opportunities for members via postings on the website. The preferred candidate has some experience in the technical communications industry and is trustworthy and professional.

The Employment Manager works with the Public Relations Manager to increase public awareness about our profession and the community and the Webmaster to update job postings on the website.


The Webmaster oversees all web work. The candidate has a proven background in web authoring and graphics production. The Webmaster maintains a budget for ISP-related charges, monitors the work of remote authors (Employment, Program and Public Relations), updates pages on request and tests all pages.

In addition to posting STCEO news, the Webmaster is responsible for listing employment opportunities on the website. The Webmaster would also forward an e-mail of these job postings to members on the jobs' e-mail list. The Webmaster may make creative changes to the website, with the authorization of the Executive.

The Webmaster works closely with the Executive and the Portfolio Managers.

*Web Committee

Committee members assist the Webmaster with regular updates and testing. These committee members may also belong to the Public Relations Committee.

Public Relations Manager

The Public Relations Manager increases public awareness of our profession, our community and the Society and recruits new members. The preferred candidate has a marketing or public - relations background.

The Public Relations Manager produces and distributes monthly posters, press releases and announcements to advertise general meetings, cultivates new PR media channels, fields new member inquiries, establishes liaisons with communit ie s and branches of other communication organizations, provides promotional material for special events and publishes information on the web.

The Public Relations Manager works with the following portfolios:

  • the Program, Education and Competition portfolio managers to develop promotional materials for events,
  • the Employment Manager to support job fairs and other events, and
  • the Student Representative, to distribute materials and promote presence at local academic institutions.

*Public Relations Committee

Committee members assist the Public Relations Manager with assigned tasks.

Online and Print Competition Manager

The Competition Manager manage s the community's annual online and print competition. The preferred candidate is well organized and has a flexible schedule during the event.

The Competition Manager works closely with STC International to organize, publicize and manage the competition. The Competition Manager solicits and organizes entries, recruits judges, manages the judging process, maintains a budget, posts results, presents awards, submits local winning entries to the STC International competition and helps to organize an awards event.

The Competition Manager works with the Public Relations and Program Managers to publicize and manage the event and the Treasurer for financial transactions .

*Competition Committee

Committee members assist the Competition Manager s with assigned tasks.

Education Manager

The Education Manager manages the community's workshops and seminars. The preferred candidate possesses excellent organizational skills and has a flexible schedule during the event. The Education Manager conducts surveys or uses previous member feedback to determine an appropriate topic, speaker, venue, price and date. As community host for the speaker, the Education Manager schedules the speaker, gathers speaker biographical data, develops an agenda and publicizes the event. He/she also maintains a workshop budget, manages registrations and books a venue and services.

The Education Manager works with the Public Relations Manager to publicize the event and the Treasurer for financial transactions .

[Note: In recent years, the chapter hasn't had a requirement for an Education Manager as there hasn't been sufficient member interest in workshops or seminars to sustain such a position.]

*Education Committee

Committee members assist the Education Manager with assigned tasks before and during the event.

*Hospitality Manager

The Hospitality Manager welcomes general meeting attendees and collects meeting attendance data. The preferred candidate can attend all monthly general meetings and is congenial, outgoing and professional.

The Hospitality Manager secures meeting room keys and parking passes, arrives early to set up a sign-in table, displays promotional material, creates and manages a sign-in list, arranges for refreshments, answers questions from visitors and directs visitors to Executive members, when necessary.

The Hospitality Manager works with the Membership and Program Managers and the rest of the Executive to ensure new members and potential new members feel welcome and have access to the information they need.

*Hospitality Committee

Committee members assist the Hospitality Manager with setup and greeting duties at general meetings. Committee members also help the Hospitality Manager field questions and direct visitors to other Executive members.

Student Representative

The Student Representative (currently at Algonquin College) publicizes the community's programs and events at the school. The Student Representative uses student connections to promote the community and its benefits for students.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator arranges volunteer services for the community . He/she establishes a pool of potential volunteers for Executive activities and matches jobs to volunteers.

The Volunteer Coordinator works with the Membership Manager to approach new members who want to build their portfolios and with the Public Relations Manager, to promote our community's services.

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