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September 2006 Meet and Greet

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our kick-off September event this year at Cube Gallery. A full review of the event will be in our next newsletter, which is due to come out in early November, but here are some pictures to tide you over. Enjoy!

Most of the 2006/2007 Executive
^ This is most of the 2006/2007 Executive.
Back row (from left to right): Kitty MacAlpine (Vice President, Newsletter Editor, and Webmaster), Rick Lorenz (Webinar host), Barbara Long (Program Manager).
Front row: Barbara Jordan (Past President, Membership/Volunteer Manager), Peggy Vice (Treasurer and Competition co-Manager), and Mimi Richard-Golding (President).

Empty Cube Gallery from front of room Cube Gallery from front of room Cube Gallery from back of room
^ On the left is Cube Gallery during the event set up. In the middle is a view from about the same position during the event. And on the right is a view from the back of the gallery, looking towards the front.

Sangria fountain Rick Lorenz and Gerg Horvath help finish up the sangria
^ On the left is a view of the lovely sangria fountain before the guests arrived. On the right is a picture of Rick Lorenz and former Algonquin student rep, Gerg Horvath, helping to use up the last foamy dregs of the sangria fountain at the end of the evening.

Cold tapas platters Hot tapas trays
^ The yummy food. On the left are the cold tapas platters. On the right are the trays of hot food.

Birthday cake
^ What birthday would be complete without a cake? This one was half chocolate cake, half white pound cake...and all tasty.

[Photos by Kitty MacAlpine]

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October 7, 2006