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Writers' Guidelines

General Information

We are interested in pretty much anything that might be of interest to technical writers in the area. This can include articles, jokes, cartoons, poetry, and reviews.

All items are copyedited and proofread for grammatical accuracy and formatting consistency before inclusion in the newsletter. Substantive editing is rarely requested and would be discussed with the author prior to any editing being done.

Specific Guidelines


Preference is given to articles that are under 750 words (approximately one page). Smaller articles are easier to place in any given issue than longer articles. Long articles may be serialized over several issues if used.

Regular Columns

We include a number of regular columns in each issue and are open to including additional columns in future issues. In order to consider column suggestions, we need a commitment to write the column bimonthly for at least the current publishing year, which runs from September to August each year. Obviously, we'd love a longer commitment but understand that people aren't always able to commit to a longer period of time.

Current regular columns and features include: Penny Lange's "The Scoop", which posts notices about upcoming events and member happenings; Susan Asistores' "A Student Point of View", which chronicles life as an Algonquin student; and, of course, the regular columns written by the members of the chapter's Executive.


We welcome original technical-writing-related humour pieces. While you may submit non-original humourous items for consideration, it is unlikely that we'll use any pieces for which we can't determine the origin or copyright holder.


In order to be considered for the newsletter, cartoons or artwork should be original and should be submitted by the copyright holder along with explicit permission to use the artwork in Stimulus. We are generally not able to afford the fees associated with gaining permission to reprint cartoons or artwork published elsewhere.


We encourage photographers of all calibres to submit their photos of STCEO or STC events for inclusion in the newsletter. Photographs may be submitted in JPEG, Bitmap, or TIFF format and should be large enough to not lose clarity when sized to fit in the newsletter--too large is better than too small.


Recent issues of the newsletter have featured poems written by area technical writers and we encourage future prose submissions. Short poems such as haiku are particularly easy to place in issues. Poems should have some relevance to technical writing, writing in general, or the Eastern Ontario geographic area.


We invite reviews of books, software, hardware, and equipment/tools of interest to technical writers. Ideally, reviews are approximately 400-700 words (less than a page). Smaller reviews are easier to place in any given issue than longer reviews. Longer reviews will be posted in the Resources section on our Web site rather than in the newsletter.


If you have questions about the newsletter or about submitting something for publication in it, please contact our newsletter editor, Kitty MacAlpine, at

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